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Seasonal Jobs in New Zealand

Seasonal Jobs is a website that specialises in seasonal work in New Zealand. It has assembled many employment opportunities available to everyone – locals and foreigners – from many industries, including fruit picking and hospitality.

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Frenz presents opportunities for employment to travellers under a working holiday scheme for a minimum of three months. This is an immense opportunity to experience the authentic New Zealand culture, get to know more people and save money whilst having a wonderful time. All of the positions offered come with free accommodation and good support network. Proficiency in English and good communication skills are essential for the positions offered by Frenz.

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Seasonalwork catalogues seasonal work available to locals and foreigners on behalf employers throughout New Zealand. Many summer jobs are available in the South Island while seasonal work is abundant in the North Island. Seasonal jobs exist for temporary workers for most months of a year. Seasonal jobs are most frequent in the agriculture, hospitality and tourism sectors all over New Zealand.

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PickNZ is the site to visit if you are enthusiastic to work and experience New Zealand’s famed outdoor lifestyle in some of its most breath taking locations. The jobs are available for the young, the old, the skilled and even the unskilled. Do not be discouraged by your lack of experience in horticulture because full training is provided and all you need are fitness, reliability and zeal!

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SEEK is New Zealand’s number one jobs portal and can be used to search for any job all over New Zealand.

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Allied Workforce

AWF Labour is New Zealand’s leading job placement company in providing temporary workers to the construction and civil sectors. It also provides workforce where general labourer or casual employment is needed.

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Willing Workers On Organic Farms

Willing Workers On Organic Farms or WWOOF is a worldwide community that encourages understanding of ecological farming practices by providing volunteers with the chance to live and learn the organic way of life. New Zealand is famous for the large community of WWOOFers present in the country. WWOOFing provides volunteers with accommodation and food as well.

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Help Exchange

Help Exchange is a comprehensive site with listings of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats that accept volunteers to stay with them for a short period of time and help them in exchange for food and accommodation.

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New Zealand is one of the secluded places on earth and as such lacks the manpower for an accelerated rapidity in expansion of the country. This issue has been addressed by the government of New Zealand through many methods of migration made possible for people from all over the world to move to New Zealand for a better standard of living. Jobs in New Zealand are abundant for foreigners in many areas and specialties in these areas will fast track the immigration processes. The main industries in which New Zealand currently focusses on are farming and construction. As a country that relies on agriculture and production of dairy goods as the main source of income, New Zealand faces a shortage of manpower in that sector. Meanwhile, a few other areas have been identified as ‘future growth areas’ and mastery of these sectors will open many doors for foreigners to work in New Zealand. These ‘future growth areas’ are biotechnology, information communications technology and creative industries. These areas have been identified to offer New Zealand considerable opportunity to increase its prosperity in the future. A worker who is identifiable in any one of the sectors is eligible to apply to move to New Zealand under the ‘Skilled Migrant Category’ and has a high chance of gaining employment and residency at the same time.


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