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How To Get Tax Back

In New Zealand, the normal tax year spans from the 1st of April until the 31st of March of the next year. As such, if you had been working in New Zealand during the whole tax year you could apply for your tax return once the tax year concludes. In addition to that, in case you had to leave work in the middle of the tax year, you are still eligible to apply for your tax refund in New Zealand – the application period lasts up to 7 years. Once the application procedure is completed, it takes 2 to 3 months for you to officially receive your New Zealand tax back.

The New Zealand tax return is available for anyone who worked in New Zealand, even with the Working Holiday Visa. Anyone who works in New Zealand often pays around 12.5% to 38% of income tax from their earnings.

The tax return application is opened for the public in April every year by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). However should you wish to appeal for a tax return before April, there are two forms that you have to complete – the IR50 and the IR3. Meanwhile applying for your working holiday employment tax return in April or any time after that, only the IR3 form needs to be submitted.

There are two ways to obtain your working holiday tax returns, and they are:

1. One month before leaving New Zealand, communicate with the Inland Revenue Department that your working holiday in New Zealand is going to end soon and you would like a tax return.
2. The IRD would then send you the appropriate forms to complete with the directives on how to complete the forms.
3. The information of your bank account or your credit card must be provided by you with the completed form for your New Zealand working holiday tax refund to be returned to you.

1. Instead of contacting them, you can download the IR3 and IR50 forms by yourself from the Inland Revenue Department website and complete them. ( Click here )
2. Include photocopies of your airline ticket that shows clearly the date of your departure from New Zealand.
3. The payslips from each job you had in New Zealand must be attached with the form.
4. Details of your bank account must be provided along with the other documents so that the IRD can forward your tax return in the form of a cheque and post it to your home country.

Getting your tax refund is only of the many benefits of participating in New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa programme. Working Holiday Visa is issued by many countries to people of many countries but one of foremost countries that immediately comes to mind when the word ‘Working Holiday Visa’ is brought up is definitely New Zealand. New Zealand is famous for being the country that issues its Working Holiday visa to the most number of nationalities and for having one of the easiest Working Holiday Visa application processes. By using a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand, you would never have to worry about leaving the wonderful New Zealand too soon. You have up to 6 months to travel and enjoy the full Kiwi experience with the Working Holiday Visa. With that particular visa, you do not have to worry about depleting your funds at all, because you can seek employment to make some money anytime your fund is in the danger zone. Furthermore, getting yourself employed in New Zealand enables you to gain some invaluable foreign working experience and meet many types of people as well. This type of visa also gives you the opportunity for multiple entries, so you do not have to reapply for another visa if you left the country and want to return once again. As such, the Working Holiday Visa is the best type of visa for whimsical young travellers to gain experience and also earn money at the same time.

Inland Revenue Department Info :

Contact number (Within New Zealand) : 0800 227 771
Contact number (Outside New Zealand) : +64 4 978 0779

Opening hours :
8am – 8pm (Monday to Friday)
9am – 1pm (Saturday)

For more information, you can visit

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