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Fast Facts :

Languages spoken : English / Maori
Currency : New Zealand Dollar( NZD $)
Electricity : 230/240V and the cycle is 50 Hz
Time zones : GMT + 12
Daylight savings time : Move forward 1 hour on the last Sunday in September and go back 1 hour on the first Sunday of the April.
Country dialling code : +64


new zealand rugby

Rugby is the National Sport of New Zealand. In fact, the sport is one of the major parts of their culture. Kiwis that play rugby are firmly gathered through their hearts and minds. On the other hand, watching the sport is not only a culture but also a practice of a religion.

Rugby players’ strongest opponents are the New Zealand Black men. They make them feared the most. In addition, the Black men are belonged to the National Rugby Union Team.


Maori Culture

new zealand maori

Aotearoa is the homeland for Maori people. Maori culture is rich and varied with other cultures. Besides traditional arts, their culture has contemporary arts too. The traditional arts of Maori including craving, weaving, whaikorero (oratory),moko (tattoo) and kappa haka (group performance) . These are the traditional arts of Maori culture which have been practiced throughout the country.

New Zealand is waiting for more travelers to unfold its beautiful sides. There are a lot of “must-do” activities and places you shouldn’t have skipped when you started your journey in New Zealand.

You can pay a visit to the Meeting house of Maori, which is known as marae, to explore more on Maori culture. However, you need to gain a “passport” in order to enter marae. Hosts must be greeted with a hongi which is a traditional welcome method by touching each other noses. In addition, hosts will perform “powhiri” (formal welcome) and “wero” (challenge) the visitors with a warm heart.


Top 10 must do or see places in North island :


rotorua - top 10 must see in north island
1) Rotorua – Volcanoes are main attractions in Rotorua. Travelers pay their visit to Rotorua to observe the volcanic activities. The effects of volcanoes can form natural mud pools, steaming hot pools, geysers and lakes. Maori sees Rotorua as a spiritual home.

bay of island - top 10 must see in north island
2) Bay of Islands – In New Zealand, Bay of Islands is the best matitime park. It is formed by more than 150 islands with clean beaches and bays which waiting for travelers to explore.

Tongariro National Park - top 10 must see in north island
3) Tongariro National Park – The fame of World Heritage Park goes to Tongariro National Park. Moreover, it is also recognized as one of the oldest National Parks in the world. The three main superb volcanoes in the Tongariro National park are Mt Tongariro, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Ruapehu.

Cathedral Cove - top 10 must see in north island
4) Cathedral Cove – Cathedral Cove is covered with pure white sand and huge rocks. Sea water is unpolluted and this is the main reason why visitors love here. If Cathedral Cove is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the peninsula, it is not exaggerate at all!

Waitomo - top 10 must see in north island
5) Waitomo – Waitomo is famous globally for the most unique glowworm caves. Other than that, Waitomo other attractions including Black Water Rafting, cave eco-tours, cave abseiling and landscapes.

Auckland - top 10 must see in north island
6) Auckland – The Hauraki Gulf has Auckland as one of the island. Visitors can reach there by sailing on an America’s Cup boat or ride on a luxury launch. Activities available are visitation to Waiheke wineries and native Birds Watching at Tiritiri Matangi.

Raglan - top 10 must see in north island
7) Raglan – Surfing paradise Raglan has bee recognized as the top holiday destination. The beach is the essential for surfing and so it has a world class surfing area for visitors.

Taupo - top 10 must see in north island
8 ) Taupo – For adventurous seekers, Taupo is the best place to skydive and bungy jump. Jetboat, white water raft and kayak are the most common ways to travel around the largest lake in New Zealand to enjoy the picturesque views. Last but not least to mention, Taupo is a place famous for trout fishing too.

Wellington - top 10 must see in north island
9) Wellington – Wellington is a place for busy working people to enjoy and relax. Sentimental restaurants and bars are mushrooming in the town. Each of them are decorated and constructed according to the owners and designers’ personal tastes. It is a cozy and relaxing town with rich culture and arts.

White Island Volcano - top 10 must see in north island
10) White Island Volcano – One of the active marine volcanoes are located in New Zealand – The White Island Volcano. You can capture the most amazing sceneries of the volcano in White Island.


Top 10 must do or see places in South Island :

Mt Cook National Park - top 10 must see in south island
1) Mt Cook National Park – The highest mountain must go with a long ski run way. Mt Cook National Park is just a perfect spot for skiing lovers because it has both highest mountain and longest ski run way. They can run down the Hooker Glacier and Tasman Glacier.

Glaciers - top 10 must see in south island
2) Glaciers – Picturesque sceneries are often found in Glaciers in South Island of New Zealand. Fill your eyesight with the most magnificent view of Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier in the West Coast.

Kaikoura - top 10 must see in south island
3) Kaikoura – Whales and dolphins are rarely seen often. Kaikoura seems to be an amazing place for the whales and dolphins to live. Travelers can get closer with them by sailing to the center of the sea for watching of whales and dolphins as well as seal swimming.

Queenstown - top 10 must see in south island
4) Queenstown – Queenstown is the most adventurous capital in New Zealand and it has been recognized as the most popular destination.

Fiordland National Park - top 10 must see in south island
5) Fiordland National Park – Fiordland National Park is not only enjoying the fame as the largest National Park in New Zealand. It has been granted the title as the biggest National Park on planet too. Every day, thousands of visitors are attracted to catch a glimpse of the two beauty – Doubtful Sound and Milford Sound landscape.

Abel Tasman National Park - top 10 must see in south island
6) Abel Tasman National Park – Abel Tasman National Park is formed by more than hundreds of bays. In addition, Golden beaches are just a perfect spot for kayaking.

Southern Alps - top 10 must see in south island
7) Southern Alps – It just a 4.5 hour of duration to reach Southern Alps by riding on TransAlpine train. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of bridges, tunnels and viaducts along the way to Southern Alps.

Lake Tekapo - top 10 must see in south island
8 ) Lake Tekapo – The beauty of the lake is centered by mountain ranges, decorated by tussock and vast glacial lakes. Visitors are impressed with its natural beauty. Lake Tekapo deserves the title as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Lake Wanaka - top 10 must see in south island
9) Lake Wanaka – Lake Wanaka is famous as a winter holiday destination with ski and snowboard. It lies in the center of a world heritage park which is Mt Aspiring National Park.

Nelson - top 10 must see in south island
10) Nelson – The world of wearable art is stored in Nelson. Since it is a city of arts, galleries and boutiques are scattered all around the town. Among of them, Suter is the most famous art gallery. Creative local culture is spreading in the town.

travel guide new zealand

You need more New Zealand travel guides and information for you to explore different views of this country and seek for the specific activities or places that attracted you the most. Here are a little bit on New Zealand travel tips. Maori culture is the main attraction of New Zealand. Visitors attracted to the culture’s uniqueness. They can explore more about Maori culture by visiting marae (Maori meeting house). In order to gain access to marae, visitors need to request of permission to enter. Here’s a little tips on greeting the hosts. Touch their noses with yours. This kind of greeting method is known as hongi. You are often welcomed by the hosts with a wero (challenge) and powhiri (formal welcome). On the other hand, for sport lovers, they would love to watch a game of Rugby which is a culture of Kiwis. There are New Zealand top 10 tourist attractions you must visit. In NorthIsland, you must visit Rotorua, Bay of Islands, Tongariro, National Park, Cathedral Cove, Waitomo, Auckland, Raglan, Taupo, WhiteIsland Volcano and Wellington. In South Island, you must visit Mt Cook National Park, Glaciers, Kaikoura, Queenstown, FiordlandNational Park, AbelTasmanNational Park, Southern Alps, LakeTekapo, LakeWanaka and Nelson. New Zealand must do activities are surfing and bungy jump. In addition, New Zealand must see sceneries are whales, volcanoes, glaciers and landscapes. Especially whale watching, it is a must see in New Zealand because you cannot easily see whales all year round in other places.


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