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Language : English and Maori
Capital city : Wellington
Population : 4.37 million
Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Date of independence : 1947
National day : Feb 6
International dialling code : +64
Time Zone : GMT +12.00
Let us take a look at the New Zealand country profile. New Zealand is the beautiful country lying in the South Pacific. It is built up by 2 main islands which are North and South island together with Stewart Island – a smaller island at the south.

Each main island has its own attractions. The following introduction contains more detailed information about New Zealand.

new zealand

South Island

The diameter of South Island is larger than North Island with a length of 800km and width of 200km. Its total surface area is 268, 680sq km. Therefore, there are people who named this island as “mainland” too. With a population of over 320,000, Christchurch has become the largest city in South Island.

The Centre of Contemporary Art gallery and The Old Chemistry Building, Arts Centre are located in Christchurch.


-   South Island consists of the most picturesque ski fields. In fact, most of the club fields are located at South part. There is a list of ski areas and resorts ready to serve travelers.

-   The most adventurous capital of the world is none other than The Queenstown. It is to believe that Queenstown is the compulsory place to visit for adventurous lovers who love exciting activities especially Bungy jump.

-   For nature lovers, Kaikoura satisfies them with wide oceans and enormous mountains. Picturesque sceneries help travelers to escape from busy cities, relax in a peaceful environment and embrace with nature in Kaikoura. Whale watching is another main attraction in Kaikoura.

North Island

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand which is located in The North Island. It has a beautiful name as “City of Sails”. On the other hand, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand.

North island is famous for its natural environment which full with a huge population of birds and floras, therefore, a lot of National Parks and protected areas have been developed to take good care of the nature.


-    New Zealand has the best beaches which suitable for surfing lovers or swimmers.
-    Maori is another unique culture of New Zealand.
-    Volcanoes are located in Tongariro National Park.
-    The large kauri trees are living in Waipoua Forest.
-    Cape Reinga is where you can meet the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
-    There are hot pools and geothermal activity locations to be visited.


Stewart Island

The most southern part of the island in New Zealand is the Stewart Island. It has a diameter of 64km in length and 40km in width. Stewart Island is the most suitable place for nature lovers. The New Zealand national bird, the Kiwi, is living in the most natural environment.

Aotearoa is the nick name of New Zealand which given by the local Maori around 850AD when they had had settled themselves in this island. Aotearoa simply means “the land of the long white cloud”. New Zealand indeed is a place which full with white clouds and not been influenced seriously by polluted air. The culture of Maori people has influenced the New Zealanders in language, arts and accents.

New Zealand is a place rich with different cultures. Travelers need to fill themselves with lot of information about New Zealand beforehand. Usually, New Zealand country profile is easily to be found in internet, pamphlets, traveling books, and traveling magazines. Let’s get kick started with some basic information about New Zealand. It is a country which full with English and Maori speakers with a population of 4.37 million. Wellington is the capital city. Currency used in New Zealand is New Zealand dollar. New Zealand got back its independency since 1947. Their National day falls on 6th February. Surely, they will be a lot of celebrations to be seen in New Zealand before or during National Day. International dialing code is “+64” and the time zone is GMT +12.00. New Zealand is formed by two large islands which are North Island and South Island along with a small island called Stewart Island. Maori culture is one of the uniqueness of New Zealand. It has attracted thousands of visitors daily to experience the culture with the natives. Moreover, New Zealand is a country fill with a lot of natural sceneries. Such as National Park, volcanoes, beaches, mountains, bird watching and whale watching. Activities are carried out in the natural environment. You can try out bungy jump, mountain hiking, fishing, surfing and diving. These are the most popular activities to do. Without any doubts, you will have an enjoying and a relaxing trip in New Zealand.


new zealand

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