How to apply a New Zealand IRD Number – Tax Number

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Inland revenue Department (IRD) number is needed for the foreigners who would like to work in New Zealand legally. IRD is useful for opening a bank account too. New Zealand IRD number is unique for the personnel and it can’t be changed. Moreover, it is still useful to you even though you have moved to another country and return to New Zealand again.

You can apply for this when you arrive in NZ.

 Instructions :

1)    Tax Number Application form (IR595), the application form to apply IRD number can be downloaded from Inland Revenue website. Inland Revenue website

2)    The application form needs to be printed on your own and please complete and sign the application form before you submitted.

3)    Supporting documents such as passport and international driving license are needed to be attached with the application form. A list of necessary documents can be checked from the website.

4)    Submit the application form together with the supporting documents to New Zealand Post Shop or Automobile Association (AA) offices.

5)    You will receive your IRD confirmation letter within 8-10 days through your postal address. Another way to obtain your IRD number is by calling up 0800 227 774.

A Tax Code Declaration Form will be given by your employer once you started to work in New Zealand. New Zealand IRD number is needed to be filled in and your wages will be deducted automatically.

You are obligated to pay tax to government legally once you receive your income from part-time job or from other income sources. Taxes will be deducted automatically from your wages once you are paid.

Please do not hesitate to get more information from New Zealand Inland Revenue website.

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What if I forget or lose my IRD number?

Call to Inland Revenue on 0800 377 774 and get your IRD number follow by the instructions.

Teenagers especially for those who just graduated from colleges or universities love to travel to different places for gaining more life experiences before they step into the society to begin their working life officially. However, their financial status may be not able to support them to travel for a long period. If they intend to have New Zealand as one of the stop for their journey, they can apply for New Zealand IRD number in order for them to work temporarily legally in New Zealand to support them financially. For opening a bank account in New Zealand, IRD number is a necessity too. IRD number is personal and cannot be changed easily. Even though you have to leave New Zealand after a period of time, when you return to the country, New Zealand IRD number is still valid to be used. Once you started to work for an organization, you will receive a Tax Code Declaration form from your employer which contains your New Zealand Tax Number. Taxes are deducted automatically from your wages once you get paid. Please log on to Inland Revenue New Zealand Website if you are interested to apply for IRD number in New Zealand. Qualifications need to be fulfilled by the applicants and supporting documents are needed for the application.

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