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Travel Insurance – An important aspect of travelling, just as important as your airfare and luggage, is worldwide travel insurance. The risk of something going away is ever-existent when you are travelling, for example like falling sick and needing a crucial surgery done. The unanticipated can still happen during even the best of planned trips.

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There are many benefits of owning a cheap annual travel insurance, such as:

- No-Fault Cancellations – travel insurance enables you to claim the loss suffered because of bad weather, ailments, and failures of flight services which otherwise would not be covered

- Cash and Passport Cover – in case you lose your money or passport while you’re travelling in another country, it is a hassle to get them replaced and the cost will burdensome. Backpacker’s travel insurance covering money and passport loss will provide you not only with emergency travel funds but also replacement passports – ensuring you a hassle-free backpacking trip.

- Medical Cover – Medical treatment abroad is normally very expensive for non-locals and treatments done at private hospitals are definitely not affordable. Travellers, including the ones with a working holiday visa, will have to pay for themselves if they make any trips to a doctor regarding any health problems or for any prescriptions. Working holiday travel insurance ensures that all medical expenses in a foreign land are taken care of.

- Personal Liability – Travel insurance will cover the damage in case a traveller hurts a third party or damages any property by accident and is involved in a lawsuit.

Travel insurance is greatly advocated for travellers to have a safe and ensured trip. The following New Zealand insurance companies offer cheap insurance packages for you to compare:

worldnomads Travel insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance presents backpackers, tourists and even travellers under the working holiday visa in New Zealand from all over the word with inexpensive travel insurance.


duinsure travel insurance

Downunder Travel Insurance

Downunder Travel Insurance provides cheap worldwide travel insurance to nationals of the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, while automatically covering over 80 types of adventure sports – making them the perfect New Zealand travel insurance for the daredevils out there.


aplan travel insurance

A Plan Insurance (UK)

A Plan Insurance presents travellers with a wide range of travel insurance, including Backpacker, Multi-Trip, Single-Trip, Business and Winter Sport Travel Insurance.


travelcover travel insurance

TIA Insurance (UK & Ireland)

Travel Insurance Agencies Limited proffers a multitude of insurance policies and focuses on skiing and winter sports options. Nevertheless, other types of worldwide travel insurance such as backpackers travel insurance, student gap year insurance, multi trip annual insurance and free coverage for children are offered as well.



Backpackers Travel Insurance (UK)

Backpackers Travel Insurance specialises in everything backpacker, offering backpackers insurance, backpacking travel insurance for single trip, annual multi-trips, long stays and business trips at over 65 different travel insurance prices.


1Cover New Zealand

1Cover New Zealand concentrates in offering New Zealanders quality travel insurances at cheap prices. The company’s three levels of cover ranging from Budget to Comprehensive give the opportunity for travellers to choose a plan that suits their budget.


Travel Guard

Travel Guard is the most prominent travel insurance company in the United States of America. Travel Guard specialises in offering novel travel insurances, assistance and emergency travel service plans for millions of travellers and thousands of companies all over the world. The company’s pioneering all-inclusive travel insurance plans are issued by more than 12,000 travel agencies worldwide via almost every distribution conduit in the travel industry.

Normally, travel insurances’ coverage vary according to the chosen plan and that is the case with the New Zealand travel insurances as well. A backpacking traveller might opt for the cheapest option of travel insurance there is or might opt not to have one at all but New Zealand is one of the few countries that require applicants of almost all of their visas to have travel insurances. As mentioned earlier, worldwide travel insurances function to ensure a hassle-free and trouble-free trip in any of the countries visited. As thrifty backpackers, it is vital to know the coverage of a cheap travel insurance in New Zealand and adding on options of other coverage into the package to have an optimum travel insurance there. New Zealand is famous for its dangerous outdoor sports such as cliff-diving and bungee jumping, for which visitor throng there. Hence it is prudent to confirm that your travel insurance covers any injury from these sports as well. Make sure that the travel insurance covers possible injuries sustained from snorkelling and scuba-diving too because New Zealand has some beautiful coral reefs and diving spots that no traveller should miss out on just because the insurance does not cover them.


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