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Cheap Car Rental In New Zealand – NZ Car Rental Companies List

Why go through the hustle and bustle of public transport when you can rent a car and find out more about New Zealand in your own pace? A getaway experience in New Zealand would not be complete without driving yourself with a rental car. New Zealand car rental companies are renowned for their wide range of cars to choose from depending on your budget. Not only are they equipped with GPS, they also come with road maps for all those who still love the manual rustic way of road trips. The prominent car rental companies in New Zealand are:

auto rentals kiwi travel logo
Auto Rentals Kiwi Travel
Auto Rentals Kiwi Travel is an authentically Kiwi company, from its name to the honest friendly way business is done here. They are the foremost car rental company specialising in cheap campervan and motorhome rentals in New Zealand.

Ace Rental Cars logo
Ace Rental Cars
The Ace Rental Cars is a New Zealand car rental company well-known for their excellent variety of automobiles to rent or hire at really economical prices.

apex car rental logo
APEX Car Rentals
APEX Car Rentals in New Zealand is one of the few car rental companies that specialise in having a large quantity of cars to rent and also providing customers with the option of auto or manual gearboxes to choose from.

vroomvroomvroom logo
VroomVroomVroom presents travellers with the opportunity to rent a car in New Zealand with direct selections and also the means to compare the prices of the entire main airport car rental and hire companies.

123 easy drive rental cars logo
123 Easy Drive Rental Cars
123 Easy Drive Rental Cars is definitely one of the cheapest car rental companies in New Zealand, making them the ideal choice for backpackers with an itch to drive in scenic New Zealand. They provide a variety of high-quality cars for rent at cheap rates beginning from just NZ$23 a day. The strategic locations of their cheap car rental depots at five locations in New Zealand -Auckland city, Auckland airport, Christchurch, Dunedin and Palmerston North- makes them an excellent choice for tourists.

Now that you know where to rent a car in New Zealand, the next step is to be acquainted with the car rental procedure and be prepared with the necessary documents to ensure that your car rental process in New Zealand happens as smooth as possible. The websites provided will help you to not only gain knowledge on the New Zealand car rental companies but also give you the numbers to call and the locations of the rental companies. After knowing all there is to know about the companies, the next step is to know New Zealand’s rule of the road. New Zealand is a Commonwealth country and as such the traffic is left-handed. So, be prepared to drive on the opposite side of the road if you are from a right-handed traffic country. This is vital to ensure the safety of the rented car and also your own safety. Safety confirmed, the next stage is where to go? To optimise the usage of the rented car in New Zealand, be sure to drive along the highways with breath taking scenic routes that New Zealand is famous for. Make plans to go where normal tour agencies would not bring you to have a memorable yet unique experience in New Zealand.

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