Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

New Zealand Bungy Jumping

You cannot go to New Zealand without taking a bungee jump from many of the perfect spots to take a leap of faith. There is nothing better than taking in the scenery, free falling from a high position. It was in the 1980’s that the first commercial bungee jumping center was started and attracted many tourists from around the world to take a leap from the historic Kawarau Bridge a little way outside Queenstown. Since this first operation, New Zealand has not looked back and has even become the birth place of bungee jumping.

The adrenaline rush you get when bungee jumping is definitely something worth the experience. While most people would think twice about jumping off a cliff or the side of a bridge, only a handful of people are daring enough to take the big leap of faith and live in the moment. Bungee jumping is safe as long as you abide to the safety regulations set and participate in a credible operation where the equipment used is strong and safe. The experience is worth it and will definitely be something you take with you to tell your grandchildren.

Go anywhere in New Zealand and you will find specially designed structures or natural settings where people can enjoy bungee jumping. Even stadium roofs have become a good spot for those looking for the thrill of jumping off an elevated plane. Bungee jumpers are taking the leap every day; whether they are tourists or locals. Bungee jumping is almost a sport here in New Zealand and it is definitely a must try when in the country.

The Kawarau Bridge is the ultimate bungee jumping site. Known as the home of bungee jumping, you cannot leave New Zealand without taking a jump from here. The pioneers of bungee jumping launched themselves right here in the early days of bungee jumping and since then, the activity has become a sensational to do activity while in New Zealand. If you are looking for a challenge; jumping off the highest plane; you will have to make your way to The Nevis bungee site. Here is where the thrill and excitement really is and it all begins with a 134-metre plunge that you will always remember. Another great place to bungee jump from would be from the famous Auckland Harbor Bridge. This is a perfect site for your first bungee jump as it is not too high. The site of the bungee jump provides you with an excellent view of the Waitemata Harbor where you can see the horizon and beyond.

Best Bungy / Bungee Jumping Locations

Queentown Nevis Bungy Jump

Queenstown Nevis Bungy Jump– New Zealand’s Highest

Take the thrilling leap from the highest bungee jumping point of New Zealand. This site is definitely set to mesmerize you as you take in the captivating view of the Nevis River. getting there is a short ride which takes you through the beautiful scenic views of the backcountry road. There is nothing better than being suspended on a highwire pod designed for to whisk tourists of to the site. This jump is definitely for those looking for a greater challenge and wanting a jump that they will truly remember for a very long time.



Queenstown Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Queenstown Kawarau Bridge Bungy – World’s 1st Commercial Bungy Jump

When in New Zealand, you have to do as the New Zealanders do. Back in the early days, the New Zealanders began the exciting and thrilling sport of bungee jumping. That is why, if you are in New Zealand and looking for an adventure in amidst the beautiful sceneries, you have to make your way to the home of bungee jumping. The Kawarau Bridge is where it all began and propelled Queenstown to be known as the adventure capital of the world. Ever since it began operations in the heart of the town, this has been the best spot for bungee jumpers from all over the globe to come here and have their pulses racing. It is also a great site for beginner bungee jumpers because you are allowed bungee jump together with a friend.



Auckland Bridge Bungy

Auckland Bridge Bungy –NZ’s Only Ocean Touch

The Waitemata Harbor will definitely mesmerize you. Take on the jump at the specially constructed bungee pod that will end with an amazing dip in the beautiful ocean down below. The view is spectacular and is the perfect backdrop for your first ever bungee jump.



Queentown The Ledge Bungy

Queentown The Ledge Bungy – Night Jumps in the dark through winter

If you are ready to take your bungee jumping to the next level, the Queenstown Ledge Bungee jumping site has just what you will need. Bungee jumping by itself is an exciting thrill of a sport but bungee jumping in the middle of the night with the city lights in the distance is a whole new experience all together. Bungee jumping under the moonlight is definitely something that you should include on your travel itinerary.



Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungy – Highest Water Touch Bungy

Head over to the North Island’s best spot for bungee jumping. Here you will be launched off from the cantilever platform which was specially designed for bungee jumping. The jump ends with the amazing waters of the Waikato River down below.



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